Bill Fields.   Printer.   Youghal, Co. Cork
Night train to Belgrade
Kiev Revolution 2014 -Maidan Square
Kilbrittain girl
Tea Seller-  Ohrid 2015
Cahill's Bar - Bere Island
Jerusalem 1
The sign in the door named the family members of those who died inside.
 I took these photographs whilst in a car driving from Sarajevo to Belgrade in early January.  Soon after leaving Sarajevo the car entered high ground and the weather changed rapidly, the windows of the car froze over and a dense fog set in.  Like entering some kind of dreamscape I could only make out vague shapes and shadows of things.  Others in the car slept whilst I snapped, capturing fleeting images totally randomly.  Here is where the magic of Photography happens for me, half asleep, possibly hungover but in some kind of way also highly alert my mind enters the zone, that inbetween space where nothing seems real.
Young in uniform.