Angelico / by Ed Godsell

I met Angelico whilst staying in Vukov Konak in Bosnia.  He would call over from time to time to the farm I was staying to visit his friend Jasmin, who runs the place.  He and Jasmin would talk, and play chess, lots of it.  Angelico is a master of chess, Jasmin practices hard but rarely bests him.   I couldn't communicate with Angelico so we kept it simple, he offered me cigarettes and I accepted.  But I could tell Angelico is a special man.   His eyes were alive and often dancing, he laughed easily, he joked all the time, he was a brewer of Rakia, apple, pear, plum and one other that I forgot.    He keeps sheep and goats and loaned Jasmin his billy goat to impregnate his females, which provided  much entertainment for us, I suspect not the female goats but it's hard to read those ones...

 He fought in the war  (on the Serb side) and he dodged the war as soon as he could.  He looks after his elderly aunt, they share a small house in the countryside.  He is looking for a wife, unsuccessfully so far, he has money and land and a great deal to offer, plus he's a good footballer and fitter than he comes across in my photo's, apparently.

Zivele Angelico!  Here's to  your success in finding a good Woman!