A bar in Sarajevo / by Ed Godsell

Last February I passed by a small old seemingly unremarkable bar just off the main tram line in the centre of Sarajevo.  It was the kind of place that one would pass without noticing and I would have except as I passed I heard a burst of deep laughter from inside.  I called my girlfriend, Angie, who speaks the local lingo and begged her to come in with me as she could explain that I wanted to take a photo.   They were very pleasant and upon hearing that I was Irish offered me a drink.  They knew of Cork city as it's a good bet here on the football odds.  I took this photo, thanked them sincerely and we toasted and left before Angie choked on the cigarette fumes.

Recently, me and Angie were back in Sarajevo, almost a year later.  I wanted to give the guys a copy of the photo so I found an old printer locally who immediately recognised the character in the shot.  We chatted about Ireland, he told me he admired Bono because he came when no-one would during the war and I told him that Bono was a tax dodging git.    We went back to the bar and the men were delighted with the photo.  More rakia was poured and toasts made and I took another photo quickly as Angie was choking again on the fumes.  It is set up, of course and can never be as good as the first but I have the feeling we'll be back there again sometime, toasting, drinking and choking on fag fumes!  Slainte/Ziveli!